Sake (and Wine) Sommelier

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing my friend Tiffany Dawn Soto for the last year and learned that this spunky redhead is quite talented and knowledgeable in the wine and sake world. What I didn’t realize is just how much she has accomplished in just this year alone! She’s modest about her accomplishments in the sake world so I had no idea she was the only certified sake sommelier in Las Vegas or that her name has been in print a number of times. Besides her gig as a sake and wine sommelier at Hachi inside the Red Rock Hotel and Casino, she also teaches a wine class at UNLV, raises her beautiful little daughter and is planning her own wedding (with my help of course)!

In February’s issue of 944 Magazine, you can see her in the article “Sake To Me” where they discuss the recent growth in the sake industry. I am so proud of her and know that this is just the beginning of much more success. Because of the nature of my business and the fact that Tiffany was previously an accomplished event planner, I asked her if she ever did private tasting events. Of course! Tiffany has been hired to do corporate events where she teaches and shows her clients the right way to drink sake. In fact, she is responsible for introducing me to my newfound love of Nigori while we dined at a teppanyaki restaurant months ago. So, I requested information on her event services and here’s the breakdown:

Tiffany charges a minimum of $500.00 for two hours and that will include the most basic sake. Of course, the price increases for the higher end sake or for a longer time frame.

She may also be hired for wine tasting parties as well. And, what’s sake without sushi? Tiffany is able to work with a sushi chef for your next sushi and sake event. If interested, please contact me for additional details!