Handbag Holder

Ladies, or anyone else who carries a purse, have you ever been in a cramped restaurant and didn’t have any place to put your purse? I absolutely despise it when women put their purses on the floor. A purse has no place on the floor; it’s tacky, dirty, gross, and inappropriate. I especially cringe when I see the large Louis Vuittons and Fendis on the floor. How disrespectful! Some fine dining restaurants are offering purse “stools” so that your lovely purse has its own chair and some bars also have their own built in hooks. But, if you’re going to your local sushi joint or mom and pop Italian eatery, good luck finding something like that! So a few months ago, I saw a handbag holder on spoonsisters.com and knew I had to have it! It’s a little hook that you temporarily secure to the table that holds your handbag while you dine. I’ve taken my little handbag holder out on a number of occasions and needless to say that my female dining partners have always been impressed!