An evening out with friends last night at Sedona where we sipped Chocolate & Midnight Martinis prompted me to write this entry. A signature cocktail is a quick way to add that little extra detail that will get your guests talking as well as really allow you to play with your wedding color scheme. I always suggest that a cute menu card gets printed out to place at the bar with a custom name like "Bridal Bliss" or "Love Potion #9".

How about matching the cocktail to the season as well?

For a Fall cocktail, try an apple martini with a caramel sugar rim or maybe a pumkin spiced cocktail.

A winter cocktail can be a Hot Buttered Rum or perhaps a spiked hot chocolate with a chocolate swizzle stick.

I love these ingredients for a "dessert in a drink" signature cocktail. I'm no bartender but talk to your catering manager to concoct something unique for your wedding day! Martinis just add so much to your swanky affair!

My loves:
Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka
Mint Baileys Irish Cream
Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
Starbucks Coffee Liqueur
Chocolate syrup

Mint leaf
Oreo crumbles
Cinnamon stick

Photo courtesy of Elegant Images.