Scents for your Wedding or Special Event

I received an email in my inbox today introducing Vera Wang's new fragrance "LOOK". And while it should prompt me to discuss creating a fragrance for your special day, it actually reminded me of another topic. I'll discuss perfumes and colognes another day...

Anyway, I remembered that while I was on my own honeymoon in Whistler, Canada staying at the beautiful Westin Resort & Spa, I was constantly greeted by a delicious smelling aroma as I entered the hotel. Finally after a few days, I asked the front desk agent what I was smelling. She told me that the hotel has "white tea diffusers" placed throughout the hotel. Now whenever I hear of "white tea" or smell that scent, I'm brought back to my honeymoon in Whistler!

After some research when I returned from from my honeymoon, I learned that the white tea scent is the Westin signature scent and available for purchase on their Westin At Home site. Many different hotels have started branding themselves by having a signature scent.

In recent years, event designers have also been incorporating that sense of smell into their events. The sense of smell is so strong that it can quickly bring someone back to their childhood or a special time in their life. For example, during my sister's December wedding last year, we placed a reed diffuser in a winter scent on the guestbook table. We also placed cinnamon candles on the sweetheart table.

For more information, also check out Scent Events, whose tagline is "We make scents for your event".

I encourage all event planners/designers as well as brides and grooms to consider incorporating a special scent into their weddings!