Green Orchid Events Makes Our Move Towards "Going Green"


As the world makes its way towards a greener earth, I'd like discuss ways that Green Orchid Events is contributing towards a more sustainable office and business.  While I cannot claim to be a "green" wedding planner, I am proud to do my little part in "saving the planet".

Green Orchid Events tries to keep an "all digital" office. We do not and have never had printed brochures or fliers.   Whenever there is a request from a vendor who would like our mailing address to mail us a brochure, our response is that we ask for digital copies of all brochures. It also helps with the clutter in my office as well as having the information on hand to quickly email to a client.  The same thing is done with business cards. I usually get only a few business cards from each vendor because I rarely have the opportunity to hand out business cards to my out of town brides and grooms.  Plus it is rare for any of our clients to go directly to the vendor since we are very involved in the planning process.

While it would be unrealistic to go completely paperless, we wait until two days before the wedding to print all necessary files on our recycled paper.  This helps us avoid having to print copies after multiple revisions of contracts, BEOs, or timelines.

Also, while I do not drive a hybrid, my turbo charged Volkswagen GLI gets approximately 24-25 mpg in the city and 31-32 mpg on the highway.

I'm also proud of my friends over at Enchanted Florist who turned their store into a green business this year.  Check out their green plan of action here.

Planning a green wedding?  Contact us for a list of green vendors!