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Congratulations to Amber & Bill on winning our Wedding Coordination Giveaway!  Take a look at their story below!

Bill and Amber met in fall of 2001 in that most romantic place, the internet. Bill happened upon Amber’s blog and was taken with her style, wit, and humor. He e-mailed Amber and they haven’t gone a day without talking since.

Amber visited Bill in New York City in the summer of 2002. They had a great time taking in the sights, but more importantly, they decided to make a go at a relationship. For five long years, they were a distance couple. Though time zones separated them, they never missed one last phone call to wish each other good night. In autumn of 2007, Amber moved to New York to begin life with Bill. All because of a chance online encounter.

On September 4, 2008, Bill proposed at Walt Disney World's Chefs de France restaurant. It was Amber's birthday, and she was wearing a happy birthday button. Throughout the day, cast members wished her well, even giving her a free cupcake at lunch. So when the entire restaurant staff came to sing to her, she didn't suspect that Bill had called ahead to order a special "will you marry me?” cake. Amber said yes, just in time for the nightly fireworks show. Bill passed his camera to a quick thinking waitress, who shot this video.

Their wedding theme invokes the glamour of “Hollywood’s Playground,” Las Vegas during the late 1950s. Average folks rubbed elbows with the stars, saw headliners like Frank and Dean, and ate dollar prime rib. They love this special and more innocent time when it was ok for a fella to go crazy in the head over a broad. Bill would never dare call Amber a “broad,” but he loves her with that same spirit. The couple wants their guests to raise their highballs for a revival of the Ring-a-Ding-Ding era.

Amber is a perfectionist, and is worried about being too consumed by details to enjoy her own wedding. She knows that with the right help, the day will be what the Chairman of the Board would have called “a real gas.”

Wedding Date: October 3, 2009 Ceremony – Guardian Angel Cathedral Reception – Red Rock Hotel

Read Amber's blog to stay up to date with the wedding plans:

Green Orchid Events is looking forward to Amber and Bill's wedding day!