Guest Blogger: Chelsea of Superior Wedding Rings

Chelsea of Superior Wedding Rings shares her knowledge of the metal "Tungsten" that was introduced to the jewelry industry just a few years ago.

The ring has been used as a symbol of commitment and love from the beginning of time.  That is why it is so important to choose a ring that will last the years.  Because of this, tungsten rings have become increasingly popular among couples.  Tungsten alone is a very dense and fragile metal. When tungsten is combined with carbon alloys at over 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit, Tungsten Carbide (TC) is formed- one of the hardest metals known to mankind.

Although Tungsten has been used for many years in the manufacturing industry for tools and other workmanship, Tungsten was introduced to the jewelry industry just a couple of years ago. Our Tungsten Carbide rings do NOT contain the alloy cobalt. Although cobalt allows for easier production, it reacts with the natural oils in our skin and will cause oxidation on the ring. (Beware of Tungsten jewelry containing cobalt. They are not scratch resistant and will oxidize shortly.) This indestructible alloy is virtually impossible to scratch, and holds its shine for decades!

Here are some interesting facts that will put into perspective the quality of Tungsten Carbide- Tungsten Carbide is approximately ten times harder than 14K gold, and four times harder than platinum! This innovative new product has become the hottest trend in today’s market.  We also offer a large selection of rings made of many different materials on our site at

My husband's replacement ring (he lost his original wedding ring but thank goodness for insurance!) is made from Tungsten and it is beautiful and does not scratch!