Great Ideas for Summer Weddings

Las Vegas is hot, hot, hot!  This is the desert and summer starts in late April and ends in September or maybe even in the beginning of October depending on the year.  So, our slow wedding season is usually in July and August because of extreme heat. Still, there are many brides and grooms looking to get married in May when it's in the 90s (Fahrenheit).  Heck, I've got two weddings in August this year!

Despite the Las Vegas heat, brides always tell me that they'd love a beautiful outdoor wedding (myself included who had a July wedding ceremony outside!!).  They also ask me for unique ways to help their guests cope with the heat.

Water bottles or water stations and fans are obvious solutions but what other creative ways are there to make your guests a little more comfortable?

How about a refreshing summer cocktail or a lemonade stand as a pre ceremony cocktail hour?  Flip flops for the ladies? A summer inspired menu? Tray passed popsicles?  The possibilities are endless!

Two weeks ago, I planned a wedding where there were many many surprises (more on that wedding once I get the photos).  I suggested a gelato bar for the end of the wedding and the bride and groom LOVED the idea!

I've also got a wedding next week where the bride wanted an ice cream bar.  The catering manager at the venue referred me over to Ben and Jerry's for a mobile ice cream bar!  In the end, she decided against it because she had enough sweets with a chocolate fountain, a sweets table, etc.  But I would love to suggest this for another summer wedding because it is so cost effective!  I wish I had known it was so cost effective. I would have booked that Ben & Jerry's mobile ice cream cart for my own wedding. My husband and his father (who owned an ice cream shop years ago) would've been in heaven!

What are some of your ideas for summer weddings?