Happy Anniversary!

Three years ago today, Derek and I were married. It was the hottest day of the year in 2006.  Please thank my Feng Shui master for helping me pick that day. Actually, she gave me a bunch of dates but I didn't want to wait until September to get married! I truly believe that every wedding is beautiful. Every bride has a different style and different wants and needs for her special day.

I wasn't very much of a girly girl and wasn't too big into decor.   I didn't care about fancy linens and didn't care much for an extravagant ceremony altar piece.  The Four Seasons Hotel was kind enough to provide standard but pretty floor length linens (all I cared about was that they were floor lengh) and an overlay and chargers (usually upgrades).   My focus was the food and service.   I wanted to be taken care of and I wanted the staff to be attentive.  I picked the Four Seasons Hotel because I wanted a venue that was naturally beautiful and that didn't need a lot of "work".  I had more important things to do than pick out a swatch of fabric and worry about centerpieces.  I hated chair covers but couldn't imagine spending $10+ per chair for an upgrade (over $40 for my guest list of 41).  Thankfully their banquet chairs were pretty nice.  So, no thanks on the chair rentals.  That $400 can go towards an open bar.  Dinner wasn't too fancy but a duet of filet mignon and sea bass doesn't come cheap there.  We also had an open bar and wine service for dinner.  And you wanna know what people remember about OUR wedding day?  My husband doing the worm dance during our reception and the flowing drinks.

Please note:  Everything mentioned in this post about style reflects my personal taste and has nothing to do with how I plan weddings as a professional wedding planner. As a wedding planner, I love looking through different swatches of fabric with a bride, deciding on which flowers will go in the bride's bouquet, and talking about event lighting to create an ambiance for the wedding reception.  I do not encourage a couple to spend all of her money on food and beverage if that is not important to them.  And, most importantly, I love attending big fancy parties when I'm not the center of attention.

Here's a glimpse into my own Las Vegas wedding:

My sister and I went to Robert Cromean's Salon at Mandalay Bay to get our hair done. We had so much fun with our stylists. I gave them two photos I liked but told them to do whatever they wanted.  As long as I had volume and had my hair half up and half down, I was happy.  They thought I was the coolest bride.


After we left Robert Cromean's, we checked into our beautiful 180 degree strip view suite. We all (me, Derek, and the bridal party) had lunch in the little dining room area. It was so much fun and relaxing. The few hours spent with Derek and my bridal party was one of the highlights of the entire day.  I then got my makeup done in the bedroom while the guys watched Austin Powers in the living room.  Yup, I don't really care about tradition except that Derek wanted to see me for the first time in my dress at the ceremony site.

Our wedding ceremony at the balcony off the Mesquite Room. I didn't want an arch, or a chuppah, or any flowers.


Personalized unity candle with the Irish Wedding Blessing. The breeze didn't allow us to light it and I'm not keen on the whole sand ceremony thing. I believe I got this off of ebay.  It wasn't until after the wedding that my mom told me I'm not supposed to have a white candle at my wedding. It's bad luck in the Chinese culture.  Oops.


On the grand staircase. My mom was not happy that I didn't wear a veil or a tiara. She said I was missing something as a bride and needed a veil.  I don't agree.



With my sister and Maid of Honor Jennifer.  Michelle Farber of Fleur de Lis did an amazing job on my flowers. I love the huge full roses and green cymbidium orchids (my favorite of course!).  I added a 4 leaf clover brooch in honor of Derek's Irish heritage.

My mom made this bamboo arrangement for luck and bought these Chinese bobbleheads from Chinatown.


Family friend and talented pianist Jim played piano during the cocktail hour.


The beautiful Mesquite Room with windows!

mesquite room

Final group shot.  Apparently, shots were included in my bar package.   ;)

final shot

One of my favorite photos of us:


All photos by Advanced Photographics.