Trust your instincts when hiring your wedding vendors.

In business, it's a common saying that "people work with people they like...and trust".   Just last weekend, a bride and groom mentioned to me that they were very unhappy with their engagement session. They were unhappy with both the photographer and the photos. This is a huge RED LIGHT! It's so heartbreaking for me to hear this but it is not too late for this bride and groom to change their photographer! A wedding photographer is someone you should feel completely comfortable being around.

I have plenty of wedding photographer friends and most of them say that they try to build a relationship with their clients.  Well, they should!  I think it goes beyond the wedding photographer for this mentality though.  It's also a good idea to build a relationship with your other wedding vendors.  If you're feeling uneasy in your appointment with your floral designer and feel that he or she doesn't "get" you, interview another floral designer.  The better the rapport you have with these wedding professionals, the better the outcome of  your wedding day.  People tend to bend over backwards for people they like.

Interview your photographer, floral designer, and makeup artist like a potential employer would interview you.  Every time I go to a consultation is like another job interview.  It's great; these brides are doing their research.  Viewing a portfolio alone is not enough!  And, while we're all price conscious these days, please do not select a wedding professional based solely on price!

This is a service oriented business so these professionals must enjoy interacting with people!

Happy planning!