Congratulations to our Cigar Winner Giveaway!


Kelly is a bride from Charleston, West Virginia who is the winner of our cigar Boss Box giveaway!  Thank you Coastal Cigars!

Coastal Cigars is the premier cigar rolling company in the country based out of Charleston, SC.  If you are having a wedding, throwing a corporate party, or organizing a special get together, please contact for more information on their services.

Here's Kelly's story:

My fiance deserves the boss box because he is honestly the best man I have ever known. I didn’t know if we would ever get together because our timing was always off. We were friends for a long time, and he starting pursuing a more serious relationship. I denied him at first but his patience and persistence won out after almost a full year of waiting for me to be “ready”. Once we started dating, I knew it would last forever! When he proposed to me after 3 years, I could not have been happier! He deserves this cigar box because he has always been so patient with me and loves me soo much! I want him to enjoy something for himself for our wedding, and he happens to love the occasional cigar!