A Wedding Day Checklist

If you decide against hiring a professional wedding "day" coordinator for your wedding, I would recommend designating a point person to assist you in any last minute details. I am a list person. I make lists for everything and I bet most wedding planners and coordinators out there are the same way!

Here's a list of some of the tasks for your point person on your wedding day:

  • I'll be sharing a sample timeline in the next few days but if you decide not to create a timeline (which I highly recommend), I would at the very least contact all of the wedding vendors and the venue a few days to a week before the wedding to confirm the set up/arrival times, location of the loading dock, and to obtain cell phone numbers.
  • Have the bride or groom send you copies of all contracts from vendors and banquet event order from venue and review them a few days before the wedding
  • Remind the bride and groom to bring their marriage license and rings
  • Remind the bridal party of the time of arrival for makeup/hair, photos, etc
  • Create a wedding day emergency kit
  • Stay in contact with all vendors to ensure that all will be arriving on time.
  • Distribute envelopes with final payments and/or gratuities
  • Retrieve any wedding ceremony items left behind (unity candle, programs, etc) and bring them to the wedding reception
  • Call limo (or bus) to ensure that they will be arriving to the ceremony site on time to transport bridal party and guests to reception (if applicable)
  • Create a wedding day to-do list for yourself of all the important tasks mentioned above

This is only a short checklist for your point person.  You've spent so much time and money on hiring the right wedding professionals.  A professional wedding coordinator with experience to "think on their toes" is obviously the first choice.  Why take a chance by not having someone there to manage the flow of the day?

Happy planning!