Wedding Day Emergency Kit Items

Wedding day emergency kits. Every time I mention to a bride that I will be providing an emergency kit on their wedding day, I always get a chuckle.  So what exactly is in this famous/infamous wedding day emergency kit?  I have a whole list in alphabetical order and I'm still constantly adding to my kit. Obviously, I don't suggest brides put a kit together with ALL of these items!  Brides have enough to think about!!  However, if brides have not hired a wedding planner or wedding coordinator, I would suggest a few of these items for their condensed version of the emergency kit.  My suggestions for brides are in bold but I suggest you pick and choose what is right for you. Ace bandage After shave lotion Aisle runner Aluminum foil Antacid (Tums or Rolaids or Zantac) Antibacterial gel Antihistamine Antiseptic cream Baby formula Baby powder Balloons Bandages Band Aid for Blisters Barrettes Batteries (AA, AAA, 9 volt) Bible Black socks for men Black tie Blister protection Blotting paper Bobby Pins (black, brown, blond) Boombox Bottle opener / corkscrew Bottled water Bowtie (4 to 6) – clip on Bra cups – assorted sizes, nude color Broom – for broom jumping and one for cleaning (smaller one) and dustpan Bug spray Bungee cords Buttons (black) Cake box Cake knife/server Calligraphy pen Candle “buttons” Candle - tealights CD of wedding music Chalk Clear Nail Polish Clips (table skirting) Clothespin Club Soda Collar extender Collar Stays Cologne Congrats cards Contact Solution / lens drops / case Corn pads Corsage Pins Corsage Wrist bands Cottonballs Cough drops CPR disposable mask Crayons / pads of paper Crochet needle/hook Cuff links Curling Iron Dental Floss Deodorant Diapers Disposable camera Disposable gloves Double-sided Tape Earrings Earring Backs Electric adapter Emery Board Envelopes Extension cords – small and heavy duty Eye drops Eye wash Eyeglass repair kit Eyeglasses (reading) Fabric and lace scraps Facial Tissue Fans (battery operated, hand) Fashion Tape Feminine Cleansing Cloths Film First Aid Kit Fishing line Flashlight (small, solar non battery operated) Floral pins Floral tape Floral wire – green and white Floss Foot powder and spray Garter Gel packs – hot and cold Glue (regular and super and fabric) Goo Gone Guestbook Gum eraser Hair Brush/comb Hair clips Hair Dryer Hair pins Hair Spray/gel Handkerchief Handwarmers Hand sanitizer Hem tape Highlighter Hole punch Hot glue gun and glue sticks Index cards Inkpad Interior Mirror Invitation – original Iron Jewelry cleaner/cloth Kiddish Knee Highs Knives – X-acto, cutting Lightbulb Lighter (2) Linen napkins Lint Remover Lip balm Lotion (facial and hand) Lysol wipes Magnifying glass Makeup basics and brushes (eyelash comb, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, foundation) Makeup remover cloths Maps (local and regional) Meat tenderizer (bee stings) Medicated Patch Men’s Grooming Kit Mints Mirror for makeup Mouthwash Nail Clipper Nail Glue Nail Polish (bridal, clear, and red) Nail Polish Remover (pads) Napkin – cocktail and dinner Necklace – pearl “Non Skids” for shoes Notepad Pain Reliever (Midol, Advil, Tylenol) Pantyhose (nude, white, ivory) Paper towels Pencil Sharpener Perfume Pipecleaners Pitcher and cups Placecards Playing Cards Plastic wrap Pocket knife Q-tips Radio Razers – disposable Reserved signs Ribbon – ivory and white Ringpillow Robe – lightweight Rope/string/yarn/twine Rose petals – dried and assorted colors Rubberbands – clear and regular Rubbing Alcohol Safety Pins (large and small) Saltine Crackers Sanding block Sand paper Scissors Sewing kit Sharpie Shaving cream Sheckel (Israeli coin) Shoe horn Shoe and heel inserts Shoe laces (men) Shoe polish/mitt Shower cap Sippy cup Sixpence (British coin) Smelling salts Snacks (fruit snacks/cheese its/Balance Bar) Stain Remover/Shout wipes Static Remover Stool or chair Straight pins Straws Sunscreen Tampons/pads/regular and thong pantyliners/menstrual cramp heatpad Tape (fabric/regular/duct/packaging/scotch) Teabags (peppermint, green, and ginger) Thank you cards Tiara Tissue Tobacco patch Tool kit (mini) Toothbrush/mouthwash/floss Toothpaste Toothpick Toss Bouquet - fake Toupee Tape Trash bags Tulle Tweezer Twinkle lights Umbrella (black) Vaseline Velcro strips Visine Wedding bands Wet Naps White Manicure Pencil Yamulka Water mister White Kosher Wine (with screw top) White Out White Sandals (for bride) Wicks Wine glass Wine Off Wrapping paper and tissue paper Ziploc bags (small and large)

I love the website Minimus for travel sized items.  Recently, I purchased a splinter remover as well as an eyeglass repair kit for my wedding emergency kit.

Don't forget your wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, undergarments, rings, and marriage license of course!  Have I left out anything?

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