Bridal Tips: Enter Wedding Contests & Giveaways

Attention all brides and brides on a budget: Let's win some free stuff! While scouring The Wedding Chicks blog and their "sweet deals" section, I was amazed to find pages and pages of talented photographers doing giveaways for full wedding photography services.  Many of these photographers are willing to travel to your city as long as you cover the cost of travel and accommodations!

I remember that while I was a high school student applying for college scholarships, we were all told that there are so many scholarships out there that go to waste because people simply do not apply.  I'm sure the mentality is, "oh, I'll never win anything so why should I bother?".  But there ARE people out there getting scholarships (I didn't pay a dime for college) and winning contests and giveaways (check out a recent winner of ours and her spectacular wedding day!).  So what's the harm in trying?

Besides The Wedding Chicks, read the big wedding blogs out there and do a search for any wedding contests or giveaways.  And then I challenge you to enter a few contests!

So have you ever entered a contest and won? I'd love to hear your story!

Happy planning,



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