Borrowing Wedding Traditions From Other Cultures

Last week, I had the privilege of attending a PUG (Pictage Users Group) meeting.  As a treat and in celebration of Passover, one of the guests Natasha from The Write Shot made and brought chocolate covered matzah. It was my first time having it and it was totally addicting and DELICIOUS!  I loved my little introduction into a different culture and I'm always open to learning about other cultures - especially when we're talking about food! So that experience got me to thinking about how couples can incorporate aspects of other cultures into their wedding day.  For example, nowadays, non Jewish weddings are opting for chuppahs for their wedding ceremonies and it is perfectly acceptable.

Other ways to borrow from other cultures:

  • Pick an auspicious day to get married (Chinese)
  • Have your guests participate in the Tarantella traditional wedding dance (Italian)
  • Hold a Mendhi ceremony have have your hands and feet painted with henna (Indian)
  • Mix lavender into your bridal bouquet (Irish)

What are some of your favorite traditions you've seen at weddings?


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