How to Design Your Wedding Candy Buffet

Candy buffets, candy bars, or candy stations.  Whatever you decide to call it, it is here to stay for awhile.  Here are some tips and important information to keep in mind when designing your candy buffet. 1. Find out from your wedding venue if you're allowed to bring in your own candy. Some venues have very strict rules about bringing in outside food including candy.  If not, ask them for an alternative solution.

2. Decide on a color scheme.

3. Purchase about 10 - 15 jars, containers, and even trays in varying sizes, heights, and shapes. Purchasing extra is a great back up plan in case one breaks before your wedding.

4. Purchase blocks/props/risers to use to raise certain containers or jars so that they are not all at one level. It really makes the presentation look professionally done. Your venue may be able to assist you with this.

5. Purchase at least 10 - 15 pounds of candy in varying textures, flavors, shapes, and sizes for each container. Remember that you're purchasing extra candy for the aesthetics of the buffet.

6. Create (or purchase on a site like Etsy) tags/labels for each candy.  Not only does it add a nice special touch but it will help with any nut allergies or prevent your guests from biting into one candy and expecting another.

7. Purchase or create bags/containers for your guests to fill up with candy. Personalize the bags or purchase personalized stickers to seal the bags.

8. Don't forget the scoops and tongs!

9. Decorate!  Use floral arrangements, family photos, framed poems, etc. Anything to dress up the table, show your guests who you are, and make a statement is important to incorporate into the design.

10. Where will your candy display go? If you're using a standard banquet 6' table, think about a pretty specialty linen.  Or have an ultra cool ice table designed or unique table built by an event design company!

11. Decide on who will set up, breakdown, and clean. This is where a wedding consultant would be useful because you shouldn't be covered in candy on your wedding day!

Don't like candy? Take this information and create a popcorn buffet, brownie and cookie display, marshmallow buffet, cupcake bar, fudge bar, churro station, potato/tortilla chip station, etc.

candy buffet

candy buffet



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