Indian Weddings Vendor Spotlight: Melissa Ure of Vegas Henna

Mehndi is an important pre-wedding Indian tradition of applying henna to brides. The mehndi ceremony takes place prior to the wedding day and intricate designs are applied to the hands and feet of brides.  I wanted to introduce my readers to a talented professional henna artist that can be hired for weddings right here in Las Vegas! I hope you enjoy her interview! Name: Melissa Ure Location: Las Vegas. Generally I travel to homes, parties, and festivals. Number of Years in Business: 6 How did you get started in doing henna for a living? I got my start in henna after receiving henna at my sister in laws bridal shower. I was hooked! It was the first time I had ever seen henna done, and I knew this was something I had to learn how to do myself. I went home, and immediately looked up henna on the Internet so I could learn how to do it. After some trial and error I got the hang of things, and I’ve been doing henna ever since! It was definitely love at first sight. What did you do prior to this? Prior to becoming a henna artist, I was a kindergarten teacher. It was a crazy job, but I also found it very rewarding to work with children.

What do you enjoy most about what you do? I think what I enjoy most about doing henna, is that every time I go to work, it’s a different experience. It never gets old or boring. Different locations, different events, different types of people all make for an exciting day (or night!). It’s also nice to have a creative job, and I get to make my own schedule!

If you didn’t do henna for a living what would you be doing instead? I would probably teach. I love working with kids, and teaching keeps the creativity flowing. It’s a challenging job, but very rewarding as well. What are some of your hobbies? I really enjoy hiking and camping. I must say this is how I would prefer to spend all my free time. Traveling as well. Anything that takes me to a different part of the country, or to something I haven’t seen before makes me happy.

What is your inspiration? Inspiration for me is really found just about everywhere. Flowers, plants, wallpaper, fabrics. I keep a little note pad on me at all times just in case I see something I can sketch while I’m out. Either that or I have my camera phone handy to snap some pictures!

Name an exotic location you’d like to visit soon. There are so many places I would love to see. It’s hard to narrow it done to just one! India, Brazil, and Thailand are all at the top of my list!

What is the best piece of advice you can offer a bride and groom on their wedding day? Relax and enjoy! So much hard work and energy have gone into this day, now it’s your time to enjoy it. The day will go by so quick, take in as much as you can!

Anything else interesting you’d like to share? When choosing henna for your wedding day (or any occasion) it should be a reflection of what you like! I’ve seen a lot of brides pushed into designs they would not have chosen for themselves because they felt pressure from their families and friends to have the henna look a certain way. If you like simple, then go simple! If you want intricate henna up to your elbows, then go for it! It’s your wedding day, do what you like!

henna on hands

henna on hands



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