Engagement Session: LaVey and Tyson

LaVey and Tyson recently got engaged and reached out to us to assist them with their wedding planning. Angelica and I will be planning their wedding together and we are thrilled! LaVey and Tyson's wedding is going to be anything BUT ordinary.

And you can't see it in these photos, but LaVey has a tattoo of Elvis on her arm. Yup, it was meant to be since I'm a huge Elvis fan too!

We are so looking forward to their wedding this September out in Boulder City! Check out these absolutely gorgeous photos of LaVey and Tyson by Alt F. Makeup done by the bride herself who is one half of Your Beauty Call and hair was done by her partner Janine Cali.

And if I have to choose a favorite...this breathtaking one would be the winner!

Head over to Alt F's blog for more photos from their engagement session.

Photos: Alt F

Makeup: LaVey Ortiz of Your Beauty Call

Hair: Janine Cali of Your Beauty Call


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