A Surprise Wedding At Hard Rock Hotel

Typically, the words "Surprise" and "Wedding" do not go together, but this wedding was anything but typical. I received a phone call from a groom explaining how he wanted to surprise his fiance with a wedding. They had planned to have a small wedding consisting of just the bride and groom and their 3 best friends. However, the bride thought their wedding was going to be at a later date. Mission Surprise Wedding started with us meeting at Hard Rock Hotel with the bride and groom. The bride thought they were going to be doing their bridal photos that day. The bride was Chinese and in the Chinese culture they do bridal photos in their wedding dress prior to the wedding, which helped keep the surprise going. We had a suite at the Hard Rock Hotel that the bride and groom got ready in. The bride Yanni thought Green Orchid Events was there to have a consultation with her and discuss services for her "future" wedding date. We had to giggle after the consultation because the way she had described how she wanted her wedding day was exactly the way we had planned it with the groom down to Sparkling Cider in a Champagne Flute because she doesn't drink alcohol.

Once the bride and groom were ready for their "Bridal Photos", photographer Steve Fogarty took them around the Hard Rock Hotel for a photo session. Meanwhile, we were in the suite flipping the space to become a wedding ceremony. Floral, candles, drinks, a wedding cake, the best friends, and an officiant were brought in to complete the ceremony. Once the photo session was completed, the bride and groom headed back to their suite. As they walked into their room, the bride thought they had walked into the wrong room and was hesitant to continue in. Once she realized what was going on she burst into tears and they walked down the aisle. It was one of the sweetest wedding ceremonies I have ever seen. You would think the surprise would end here...oh no! The groom surprised her the next day with a honeymoon to Europe! Talk about romantic!

Wedding Planning and Coordination: Green Orchid Events Hair and Makeup: Lori White - lala {@} altf.com Photography: Steve Fogarty Venue: Hard Rock Hotel Officiant: Reverend Judy Irving



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