From Coordinator to Bride: How I Chose My Bridal Party

How I Chose My Bridal Party and how I decided between my sisters.

When it came to deciding on my bridal party, I knew that I only wanted a small bridal party including my sisters and maybe one or two other close friends.

I have two older sisters, and they have been my best friends since… well as long as I can remember even though growing up, I covered my love for them by secretly borrowing their clothes and never returning them. But how do I choose which one of my sisters will be my Maid/Matron of Honor? While sitting in a consultation with a couple about to get married, the Bride said she would have both of her sisters as her Maids of Honor, I realized a lot of Brides are having the same issue choosing between siblings. There are many ways to determine who will stand closest to you. With tradition out the window these days, how do I figure how to decide between my sisters?

Well, nine years earlier when my oldest sister (Carolyn) was getting married, my sister just older than me (Kathryn) was her Maid of Honor. Once Nick and I started to get serious, my sisters and I sat down and discussed my wedding. My sisters were ecstatic to hear that Nick and I had been talking about getting married. We figured out a plan where no one would get jealous and each of us will be able to be a Maid/Matron of Honor once. We will rotate, since Kathryn was Carolyn’s Maid of Honor nine years ago, Carolyn will be my Matron of Honor and I will be Kathryn’s.

Although, there are many ways to go about picking the Maid of Honor, my sisters and I decided that we are equally important to each other and no matter what, at the end of the day we are still sisters.

With my Maid of Honor (Carolyn) settled and one of my bridesmaids (Kathryn), I then had to decide who else would stand up next to me at my wedding. Do I go with someone that I went to school with, but once I moved to Las Vegas we don’t talk as much as we used to? Or do I choose someone who has been with me and Nick through every step of our relationship? I chose the latter. Jamie is someone I call my Las Vegas sister. She was there poppin’ bottles (literally) when Nick proposed at the Fountains of Bellagio. Since I wanted our wedding to be a reflection of mine and Nick’s relationship, I went with someone that knew every detail about our relationship. Literally, every detail!

I know that a lot of people choose their childhood friends, but I could not bring myself to choose between all of the girls I grew up with. I knew Nick and I wanted a smaller bridal party so I stuck with that and I think it will turn out great because the girls that know me the best inside and out are the ladies that are going to be standing up with me.




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