From Coordinator to Bride: The Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge I faced during my wedding planning process... The biggest challenge Nick and I have faced during the planning process is trying to plan all of the details so that all of our guests will be happy. Since we have a diverse group of guests coming to our wedding, we wanted to make sure that all of them would enjoy themselves. We questioned everything along the planning process. Will our guests like the entrée choices we have picked out? Will they appreciate our nontraditional song selections? Will our guests like the personal touches we have added?

Of course, we know that it is our day and that as long as it is what we wanted, it will be a success. But, everyone at our wedding is very important to us and we want to make them feel that way. We want everyone to feel like a VIP at our wedding.

We determined right around our menu tasting at our venue that we cannot change what we have decided on because one or two of our guests would not like it. Some of our guests do not eat red meat, so do we not serve steak as to not offend those select few? We decided that we love steak too much! Instead, our venue will serve them other personal entrée selections. This way, they feel special because we respect their dietary choices, but the rest of us can have steak!!

I knew accommodating everyone would be hard and so Nick and I have really had to determine what to do on a case by case basis.


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