Wedding Word Wednesday: Chameleon Chair

Chameleon Chairs are exquisite metal chairs that are elegant, beautiful, and extremely comfortable. These sophisticated, ergonomic chairs come with plush cushions and can be covered with a chair topper or chair sleeves or just be left uncovered with their metal backs showing. Chameleon Chairs were used at the 2005 Academy Awards Governors Ball, Emmy Awards, and at so many other high end, extraordinary events. For more information, please click here for their brochure.

Silver Fanfare Chameleon Chair with Ivory Cushions and Curly Willow Blush Chair Sleeve (from Wildflower Linens) Photo Credit: J & J Photography; Venue: DragonRidge Country Club

Brown Fanfare Chairs with Red Chloe Toppers and Jeweled Belt with Red Cushions Photo credit: John Morris Photo; Venue: Red Rock Casino

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