From Coordinator to Bride: The Biggest Lesson

The biggest lesson I learned while planning my wedding is to let go. Nick and I have always had a strong relationship, but planning a large event that brings different people together can be a little stressful. Throughout the entire time of planning our wedding, we came across many items we did not agree on.  Chicken or fish, burgundy or champagne sash, traditional or modern music selections? With every option, when he said this, I said that. There was definitely a learning curve when it came to communicating effectively. Nick was great throughout the entire process. I told him early on that during different points throughout the planning, I would be stressed and he understood.

I have always been a detail oriented girl, sometimes to a fault! But, for what is the biggest day in my life, I was surprisingly carefree during the planning, or at least I think I was. Luckily, Nick is not writing this blog post, or we might get a completely different opinion! I realized early on that Nick had been thinking about our wedding for awhile as well. He had details he wanted integrated and I loved that. It went from being MY dream wedding to OUR dream wedding! I do not think I would have actually heard Nick’s ideas if I was still tied up on every little detail. After all, it is OUR wedding!


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