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Your Beauty Call was launched just shy of one year ago and has already become one of the top referred mobile hair and makeup teams in the wedding industry. LaVey Ortiz and Janine Cali make up Your Beauty Call. After ten years of working at all the top salons on the Las Vegas Strip, they finally decided to venture off on their own and start Your Beauty Call in January of 2011.  In just one year, they did makeup and hair on numerous brides spanning all different genres from classic and romantic to pin up and fun, weddings and countless photo shoots.

In 9 months, they averaged about 50 weddings which they admit hasn't left much room for free time for themselves. Somehow, LaVey had managed to also

get married

which was a wedding Green Orchid Events planned!

They hope to expand Your Beauty Call in 2012 by hiring another hair stylist and makeup artist. LaVey is also in the process of looking into starting her own lash line. Can't wait for that one!

lavey and janine

lavey and janine

lavey ortiz kindred

lavey ortiz kindred

LaVey's Q&A:

Describe your perfect day off.  Any day off is perfect to me. They are rare and far between.

Beer or wine: Wine for sure! With cheese and crackers please.

Coffee or tea: Tea

Heels or flats: Wedges

Comedy or drama: Comedy but every now and then I enjoy a good gut wrenching drama

Email, phone, or text: email, text then phone and in that particular order

Stay in/or go out? I am such a homebody. Going out is a rare occasion

If you had to only wear one makeup product, what would it be? My one favorite makeup product is a toss up between concealer and mascara

What is your one makeup tip to achieve a great look?  My one tip to achieve a great makeup look would be to achieve good skin care regimen. You'll never get a good end result if you dont have a good base. Oh, and last but not least, I think the world's greatest beauty secret since the beginning of time is good ol' H20. Water is so so good for you and it's free! Drink up!



Janine's Q&A:

Beer or wine: Wine

Coffee or tea: Coffee

Heels or flats: Flip flops/flats

Comedy or drama: Comedy

Stay in/or go out? I have my moods where im a home body, then there are times when I want to go out all the time.

If you had to only wear one beauty product, what would it be? If I only had one beauty product, I would say it would have to be Victoria's Secret's Very Sexy hairspray 'cuz it holds your hair and smells amazing like you have perfume on. :)



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