Wedding Word Wednesday: First Look

In 2010, I wrote about the "First Look" and why couples should consider doing a first look before their wedding ceremony. Photographers call this a number of things including, "First Sight", "Reveal" or even "First Glance". Basically, your photographer will stage the first time you see each other for the very first time. Instead of this taking place at the wedding ceremony, it is set up ahead of time before formal portraits are taken. There are many reasons for this. Photographers love this because it allows for more photography time. My favorite reason, besides plenty of time for photos, is that the couple will get to spend some quality time together before the ceremony. If you've ever been married, you realize that ALL eyes are on you when you walk down the aisle. It's a beautiful moment and yet it isn't so private and is extremely nerve wracking for shyer types. After the ceremony is over, you're whisked away for photos and then the reception starts. The rest of the night is spent greeting and thanking guests. With a First Look, you're able to get rid of some of the jitters as well as spend a few moments alone together. Also, so many couples find that this is so much less stressful!

Photo: Chelsea Nicole Photography


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