WPPI And Why We Attended



WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) was in town and for the first time, I decided to attend. I'll admit. I'm a nerd. I've always enjoyed learning in a conference setting so I told Angelica that we were going to clear our schedules for a few days to attend some classes. It was definitely out of my comfort zone to attend a photography conference as a wedding planner but I felt that it was important to the growth of my business and my understanding of photographers and what they do on a daily basis. I mainly chose classes from the business/marketing track and I loved hearing about marketing from the perspective of these photographers.

Here are my personal highlights from the week:

I was so excited to hear Jasmine Star speak. I love reading her blog, recently finished reading her Exposed magazine, and I find her so inspiring. Her session was on "The Anatomy of Lips and Clicks" and she discussed her system of getting her clients to talk about her work and growing her business that way.

Celebrity Wedding and Party Planner Mindy Weiss spoke on "The Celebrity/Luxury Wedding Market" alongside Junebug Weddings founders Christy Weber and Blair deLaubenfels. I love Mindy because not only is her work fantastic, she seems so approachable. And, she responds to my tweets. Of course, the Junebug ladies, both with a background in photography, co-founded the Junebug Weddings planning resource, online magazine, and blog.

And finally...

A HUGE thank you to Joe Photo for speaking on ”What Wedding Planners Really Want From You”. He surveyed around 100 planners from all over the nation and put together some information to showcase to the photographers in the session. Panelists included MB Wedding Designs & Events from San Francisco, our friends from Scheme Events here in Las Vegas, and Santa Barbara based Soigne Productions.  I loved hearing the questions from photographers in the audience too! By the way, if you check out Joe Photo's info section on his website, one of his bullet points includes, "I believe your wedding is a team effort and you NEED a wedding planner." Thanks for valuing us.



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