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Angie Kelly is the wonderful lady behind Peachy Keen Unions which specializes in "Wedding Ceremonies for modern and eclectic couples". She is a licensed minister here in Las Vegas and as stated in her bio section, her mission "is to create wedding ceremonies that reflect the personalities, values, and taste of beloved couples while collaborating to inspire the celebration amongst attendees". I love this and she would have been perfect for my wedding a few years ago. Check out her interview below to learn more about Angie!

Name: Angie Kelly Location: Las Vegas Company Name: Peachy Keen Unions Number of Years in Business: One-year anniversary! Website:www.peachykeenunions.comFacebook:

What did you do prior to becoming an officiant? I was an international flight attendant for private planes but, when I thought I was getting too old for the skies, I began teaching and doing social work.  A few years prior to officiating, I was a business consultant for behavioral health agencies.

If you didn't perform weddings for a living, what would you be doing instead? Wow, I have enough ambition to fill a few lifetimes! But, given unlimited resources, I would have a hobby farm. Not just any hobby farm, but one that also housed young adults and provided work experience while they transitioned out of the foster care system.

What are some of your hobbies? Cooking, refinishing furniture, studying the Law of Attraction, and I am currently training for a half-marathon!

What is your inspiration? Inspiration is found daily by hearing great love stories that need representation. I am constantly challenged by the material couples provide me to work with. The best feeling is when a multi-cultural or interfaith couple is stumped with how to design a ceremony that really fits their combined beliefs and perspectives. Typically, during our initial meeting, I can whip together a rough structure for them in a jiffy and witnessing their immense relief satisfies me every time!

Name an exotic location you’d like to visit soon. My husband and I were supposed to visit Egypt for our honeymoon but never quite made it! So, Cairo is at the top of the travel bucket list.

What is the best piece of advice you can offer a couple on their wedding day? Your wedding day is such an overwhelming experience, and it seems everyone and everything needs your attention. I always recommend having a wedding planner to ease the demands, but the best piece of advice for the alter is to BE PRESENT in the moment. Relish, immerse, and magnify it. (I didn't make her say that.)

Anything else interesting you’d like to share? I love adding interactive elements into a ceremony that really engages guests, letting them know their attendance is a special honor. Even more so, it thrills me to co-create with quirky and eclectic couples who enjoy taking the path less traveled!

Fun Q&A:Describe your perfect day off: I am a known workaholic, so sometimes “relaxing” becomes “boring” rather quickly, but I do enjoy an easy day lounging at the beautiful resort pools during the summer. Culinary adventures are ideal too…oh, and some super productive time in my garage working on large projects. Beer or wine: Wine. The more tannins, the better. Coffee or tea:  Coffee, but my favorite drink EVER is Thai ice tea. Heels or flats: Heels. Comedy or drama:  Drama. Email, phone, or text:  Email. Stay in/or go out?  Go out; luxury is found when getting fancy for a formal event!

angie kelly

angie kelly



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