Etsy Weddings

Etsy, a marketplace to buy and sell handmade and vintage items and art, has exploded in the last few years and is a wonderful site for couples planning their wedding. I think it's perfect for the couple who wants that handmade feel but is not too crafty to take on DIY projects on their own. I wish Etsy had been around while I was planning my wedding in 2005/2006. I planned my wedding before Etsy got popular (since technically, Etsy launched in 2005 before my wedding) and before wedding blogs and social media became what it is today. I would have loved a place to shop for handmade items since I don't have the patience for crafts and would rather pay someone to design and create something for me. Anyway, Etsy has recently introduced Etsy Weddings! Etsy Weddings is a collection of curated wedding items, trends, how-to's, expert advice and real wedding stories. There is also now an Etsy Registry! Brides and grooms can register for items from specialty gifts, to vintage and personalized items.

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