Little Borrowed Dress

I'm a huge fan of renting dresses! I had heard about Rent the Runway for awhile and then my friend Amber reminded me that I could rent a dress for our gala evening for the Engage! conference back in June. I am now an even bigger fan after having rented two dresses this year.

Little Borrowed Dress is a similar concept for bridesmaids dresses. Angelica can understand the appeal since she is in multiple weddings each year and has a closet full of bridesmaids dresses she'll probably never wear again.

How Little Borrowed Dress works:

1) Browse their collection, decide on a style, and even order a free fabric swatch 2) Determine your size. They also have a showroom in New York City if you're in the area and want to try on the dresses. A second size is included free of charge. 3) Place your order at least 3 months before the wedding and the dress arrives two weeks before the wedding. 4) After the wedding, place your dress in the prepaid envelope and drop it off in a blue USPS mailbox.

That's it!  Oh, and all dresses are 100% silk.



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