Summer Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips with Lori J White

As I was sweating my face off the other day, I dreamed of dunking my head into a tub of foundation to make me look like a normal person again !

Vendor Spotlight: Lori White Makeup Artist


Name: Lori White

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Company Name:

Number of Years in Business: In the wedding industry for 10 years, but have been doing hair and make-up for 23 years.

Website: Its in the works!

How did you get started in makeup? I was always fascinated with the glamorous people, the ones you see in magazines and on tv, even as a child.  I started, of course, playing with my mom's make-up trying to re-create what I had a teen, I did hair and make-up on my friends and family.  after beauty school, I started out doing nails, but found myself being drawn to doing make-up...I did my first wedding party at was crazy and stressful, but it taught me all about timing!

If you didn't do makeup for a living, what would you be doing instead?

I think I'd be involved in the arts...something creative.  painting was always my first love...oils, acrylics, watercolors.  I had aspirations of art school but chose beauty school instead.

What are some of your hobbies? This sounds boring, but i love to read...I've got three books i'm juggling right now.  I'm very into music, and usually have my mp3 on when i'm not working.  I still paint when I when I can...try to keep the creative juices flowing!

What is the craziest wedding experience you've ever had? There is one that comes to mind.  it was the largest wedding party my assistant and i did together, just the two of us, and it was a party of 13.  There were so many people in the suite, and we were both working on two people at a time...rolling one girls hair in hot rollers, finishing another's hair while it was setting.  it was madness due to the sheer volume of people...there were nannies and little kids there, too.  but when it was all said and done, each girl looked amazing  and we were able to get everyone done on time!

What is the best wedding experience you've ever had? There are so many...and so many brides that i have bonded with, cried happy tears with, and shared personal stories with.  When I come home tired and worn out, covered in layers of make-up and hairspray, and I can smile knowing that the bride and her bridal party looked radiant and lovely, then its truly a great day...the best wedding experience ever...until the next wedding!

Name an exotic location you'd like to visit soon. Tahiti, hands down!  warm breezes, breathtaking sunsets...who wouldn't love that?

Why do your clients choose you over some of your competitors? Wow, tough question.  Well, first of all, I love what I and make-up are my passion.  Beyond that, I'm super concerned with my brides wants and needs.  I strive for perfection with everyone I work on... focused no matter what is going on around me.  really, I'm so calm and low-key I think it helps to keep the bride calm, and that's a good thing on such a big day.

What is the best piece of advice you can offer a bride and groom on their wedding day? The day will go by so quickly...just remember to have fun!!

Anything else you'd like to share? Honestly, I'm blessed to be doing what I love for a living.  everyone should be so lucky!