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Lucky Number 9 - 09/09/09

Las Vegas would be in a wedding planning craze right now if 09/09/09 landed on a Saturday. Last year's 08/08/08 was busy on a Friday but I don't believe anything topped our lucky 07/07/07 which landed on a Saturday.  My Feng Shui expert actually mentioned last year that 8/8/08 fell on the Chinese Halloween month which is unlucky. However, it didn't stop many Chinese couples from getting married on that day.

The number 9 is an auspicious date in the Chinese culture because the word is similar to the word for "forever" or "long lasting".  In fact, when my sister got married, I believe a friend of hers from China gave her $99 as it is the number more widely used in weddings than the number 8.

Check out this Yahoo article on other reasons why "Why 09/09/09 Is So Special".

How do you feel about these "lucky" numbers and dates?

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