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A romantic blush pink wedding at Four Seasons Las Vegas

I always love hearing the stories of how couples get together and what it is that brought us to this day....their wedding day!

Wedding Word Wednesday: Place Cards and Escort Cards

I had to put these two together in one blog post because people get them confused ALL the time. I even hear catering managers getting them confused which doesn't help. Escort cards let your guests know which table they will sit at during dinner. They "escort" guests to their assigned tables. The name of the guest and their table number are printed on each card. These are usually set out on a table in alphabetical order. Guests pick up their cards and are informed of their assigned tables. Couples can also get really creative with these. In the past, we've had couples use bottles of Prosecco, honey jars, candy, and lemons!

Place cards are set at each place setting at the tables and inform guests of their specific seats. Only the name of the guest is required on a place card.

Photo Credit: Sheer Elegance Photography


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