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A romantic blush pink wedding at Four Seasons Las Vegas

I always love hearing the stories of how couples get together and what it is that brought us to this day....their wedding day!

Using Wedding Magazine Photos To Design Your Wedding

For years and years, brides have used clippings from wedding magazines as inspiration for their own weddings.  Now, it's even easier with the variety of wedding blogs out there. Be careful and flexible or this can lead to disappointment.

Some photos in wedding blogs and wedding magazines are from photo shoots and not actual weddings so they will not carry out in a real wedding reception.  Keep that in mind.

Oh and that beautiful rare flower you see in that photo?  It won't be available in May in Las Vegas.

Be flexible with your ideas, trust the professionals you've hired, and you'll have a beautiful wedding whether you get the flowers in that lemon shade or banana shade. I promise, you may not even notice.

Happy planning!


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