Vendor Spotlight: Jason Roberts of Digs

digs Name: Jason Roberts

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Company Name: Digs a studio of photography and cinema

Number of Years in Business: 3 Website:


How did you get started in Cinema? I was in film school and working for a photography studio part time updating their computers and cleaning up files for them.  When they found out that I was a film student and they needed a second video guy I was offered the opportunity.  I loved the run and gun shooting of doing a wedding, I knew I just wanted to shoot more!

If I wasn’t doing Cinema? I would be in LA raising money for movies I want to make but no one would want to see.

My Hobbies? I’m a movie geek, so really anything that involves film whether it’s seeing, shooting, or editing!

What is the best wedding experience you’ve ever had? Really any wedding where people are just cutting loose and having fun, my best stuff comes from couples that just want to have a good time, I think you can really see those emotions in my films.

Name an exotic location you would like to visit? My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Hong Kong next summer to see her family.  I know that I’m really excited about that prospect.  We will be taking a tour of China; she would like to go to the Cheng Du province mainly to see the panda reserves!

Why do your clients choose you over some of your competitors? Clients choose us for cinema because they want something different from their wedding movies.  No two couple are the same so we make sure to handcraft their movies and to really showcase their personalities.  If you were to see some of our highlights you can easily see how they each have there own voice.    I actually posted a whole lot more on this subject on our blog!  Check it out

What is the best piece of advice you could give a bride and groom on their wedding day? Have fun!  Don’t sweat the small stuff (That’s Juliet’s job) enjoy the day because it’s a once in a lifetime event.  Don’t worry about the cameras!  We’re not paparazzi we will make you look awesome (that is our job!).

Anything else interesting you would like to share? I would just like to give a shout out to the rest of my Cinema team!  Sean and Adam are without a doubt the most talented Cinematographers that I have ever worked with.  They are always bursting with new ideas that keep up the creativity level of what we do. They produce the kind of work that constantly raises the bar for how we approach each and every wedding that we shoot.

Donya+Robert from Digs Studio- Jason Roberts on Vimeo.