A Fall Wedding at Red Rock Country Club

I stepped into the wedding planning process with Courtney and Robby way late into the game, but it was love at first sight when I met Courtney! They chose Red Rock Country Club and a great team of wedding professionals to assist in executing their big day! With Robby and Courtney both being in the nightclub industry, we knew this would be a party! 

A Vineyard Elopement featured on Grey Likes Weddings

I am always in awe of people who see the world in a different way than I do .

Summer Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips with Lori J White

As I was sweating my face off the other day, I dreamed of dunking my head into a tub of foundation to make me look like a normal person again !

A romantic blush pink wedding at Four Seasons Las Vegas

I always love hearing the stories of how couples get together and what it is that brought us to this day....their wedding day!

Vendor Spotlight: Janine Cali of Your Beauty Call

I think it was when we had two very large wedding parties to get ready, booked for the same day, not knowing they wanted to be ready around the same times.

Vendor Spotlight: Caricaturist Jessica Wallace of Girl Who Drew You

Jessica Wallace (formerly Jessica Hurley/HURLeYgirl), Mrs. Wallace, Jess, the Red Menace, currently: GirlWhoDrewYou

Vendor Spotlight: Wedding Cake Designer Tiffany Hicks

Tiffany Hicks is a talented pastry chef that I have known for over 4 years. She and I worked together at the Four Seasons Hotel here in Las Vegas a few years ago! And I must say that I absolutely love her obsession passion for pastry arts

Indian Weddings Vendor Spotlight: Yasmin Tajik of Shalimar Studios

"I chose the name 'Shalimar Studios' because I wanted something that paid respect and honored my South Asian heritage.

Wedding Day Transportation: 1928 Cadillac Limo

This beautiful 1928 Cadillac limousine is available for rent through Las Vegas based Seiji Limousine for your bridal party transportation.  Love it for an engagement shoot or bridal session too! Isn't she a beauty?Contact Seiji Limousine: Kellie McKinley, President office: 702-795-4040 cell: 702-417-3981 fax: 702-736-2090 web: www.seijilimo.com


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